My Breast Cancer Story So Far...

My world was turned upside down by breast cancer when my mum was diagnosed in 2013. With Mum, the driving force of the family, going through the fight for her life, the whole family was shaken to its core. I committed to do all I can to support breast cancer care charities in the future, and running my first marathon is just one of the ways I am keeping this promise.


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One of these incredible charities is Breast Cancer Haven. At a Haven, they see you as a person, not just a patient; a person who deserves to be in control of her life, her treatment, her cancer journey. While the NHS provided incredible medical care for my mum, for which we will be forever grateful, I wish she had been able to access the sort of care provided by the Haven at the same time. 

Aside from the treatment there are so many worries to handle  – what about money? What about work? What should I eat? How will my partner cope? What about my kids? How do I look after my mental health?...  Breast Cancer Haven are there, and they will advise and support you. Mum has an incredible friendship circle who all rallied around when she was ill. Unfortunately, there are many people who don't have the same support network, and Breast Cancer Haven will be there for those men and women too. 

All the blisters, early Saturday morning training runs and ice baths will be so worth it when I toe the line with my Breast Cancer Haven vest on … I hope you can spare something to help me fundraise for this incredible charity, and contribute helping the 'person' not get lost whilst they are the 'patient'. 

Thank you x

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The Start Line...

The journey to a summer attempting to set a 10km personal best has begun.....

I went out this weekend to set a base level time and was 49mins EXACTLY. Easy enough to remember, I hope. The lesson learned straight away is that I set off far too quick for my legs! Stats called me out on that straight away. 

So now it's time to improve on that. Where to start? Food? Gym? Personal trainer? Running club? Hmmm... I'll comeback to that. 

A quick screen grab of the time below for all you 'if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen' folk  😉


10km base level

10km base level