The finish line and beyond

It’s taken some time to get to writing this post. Not because I was feeling lazy or didn’t want to make time to do it. More because I just didn’t know how articulate the emotion of finishing the London Marathon..... 

It was the hottest London Marathon on record and as ‘first marathons’ go I was pretty pleased with the outcome. 

There were moments of pure joy, smiles at randoms, unexpected surprise cheers from friends, Run Dem Crew’s mile 21, self-deprecating mental battles and lots (I mean LOTS) of water.

The best word I can use to explain running those 26.2 miles around the centre of London is  ‘Party’. It was like one big party celebrating the awesomeness of human spirit and physical endeavour. There was a underlying sense of togetherness, perhaps due to everyone moving in the same direction with the same goal. However for me the most amazing thing was seeing how everyone had their own story and motivation for being there. Something I personally found quite emotional. 

I must also explain the weird sense of emptiness during the weeks after. Born from the relentless, yet amazingly addictive, schedule and rhythm of the training program.  Who’d of thought that the early morning Saturday LSRs and three midweek runs would act as such a uncompromising yet promising anchor in an otherwise hectic work/life schedule. Needless to say, I really missed the structure of the training programme...... Something I’ve now replaced with pushing for a 10km best and experimenting with benefits of yoga. More on this in a few weeks (I promise).

So, if someone asks me the inevitable question ‘would you do another marathon?’.... my answer is a quite simple and unapologetic ‘yes’.  If someone asks me ‘why?’ .... be prepared for an unorganised rambling on health, nutrition, purpose, structure and celebration.

Finally, a huge thank you to all that donated to The Breast Cancer Haven. With your support my marathon campaign raised £4,000 + gift aid which is enough to help four women through the Haven’s programme. A truly humbling achievement. Thank you x